Faculty of Agronomy Journal
University of Zulia

Maracaibo, april-june 2011. Vol. 29, No. 2, págs. 173-337


Crop production

Effect of the post-defoliate for the reduction of Mycosphaerella fijiensis, in plantain cv. Hartón (Musa AAB), Venezuela
C. Gómez, J.G. Surga, R. Rumbos, H. Rosales, J. Vera, N. Pino, G. Castellano, C. Marin

Soluble N-P-K fertilization in the production of tomato seedlings
A. Escalona, J. Anzola, I. Acevedo, V. Rodríguez y J. Contreras

Evaluation of the effect of three nitrogen sources on nitrogen absorption and corn plant (Zea mays L.) yield
M. Barrios, L. Villarreal, K. Férez y C. Basso 202

Pedogeomorphological homogeneity in high mountain slopes, Alto Motatán Subbasin, Mérida state, Venezuela
N. Pineda, Y. Garcés, E. Jaimes, J. Mendoza y H. Rodríguez

Animal production

Effect of proteic diets based on red worm (Eisenia spp.) meal in the behavior of golden hamster (Mesocricetus auratus L.). I. weight dynanic and digestibility
D.E. García, L.J. Cova, J.V. Scorza D., M.E. González, P. Pizzani, M. G. Medina, F. Perea y D. González

Food technology

Effect of fermentation on proximate composition and protein quality of Dolichos lablab
S. Pérez y M. Granito

Structural analysis of the cassava native starch (Manihot esculenta C.) using morphometric, chemical, thermal and rheological techniques
L. Sívoli, E. Pérez y P. Rodríguez

Nutritional potential of three cultivars of bean Zaragoza (Phaseolus lunatus L.) and estimation of digestibility "in vitro"
Y. Marrugo Ligardo, P. Montero Castillo, E. Torregroza Fuentes y M. Duran Lengua