Journal of the Agronomy Faculty
Universidad del Zulia. Venezuela. 1968

University Authorities

Jorge Palencia Piña
Judith Aular de Durán
Dra. Maria Artigas Barrios
Marlene Primera
Vice-Rectora Académica
Vice-Rectora Administrativa

Authorities of the Agronomy Faculty

Dr. Elvis Portillo-Páez

Dra. Ana María Colina
Faculty Director

Dr. Jorge Vilchez Perozo
Director of the Agronomy Research Center

MSC.Emma Segovia
Director of the Postgraduate Studies

MSc. Yulana Maldonado
Director of the Agricultural Extension Division

Four numbers per year. Frequency: quarterly. ISSN: 2477-9407. This scientific publication in a digital format is a continuation of the print magazine: Legal deposit pp 196802ZU42, ISSN: 0378-7818. All the rights are reserved.
The journal of the Agronomy Faculty (Rev. Fac. Agron. LUZ) is a scientific journal with national and international recognition. The prestige of its editorial board and its authors guarantees a wide audience. It is supported by Universidad del Zulia in order to disseminate the results of Venezuelan researchers and other parts of the world related with the agricultural field. This journal provides open access to its content, offering the public the results of the researches allowing a greater global exchange of knowledge.
Objective: to publish original and unpublished articles, technical notes, and reviews by invitation, communications and extensive summaries of congresses and scientific meetings related to the agricultural area for consideration of the Editorial Committee, product of high scientific quality agricultural research, also to promote the exchange of publications and scientific activity at the agricultural level.
Description: the journal of the Agronomy Faculty, Universidad del Zulia, is a publication of the Institute of Agronomy Research of the Agronomy Faculty (LUZ). The topics included are: agricultural biotechnology, environment, meat science, milk science, rural development, agricultural economics, entomology, fertilizers, post-harvest physiology, plant physiology, animal physiology and reproduction, fodder, genetics and animal and plant breeding, weeds, animal nutrition, plant pathology, agro-food security, agro-food systems, soils.
Submission of manuscripts: relevant information about how to write manuscripts is available in each number of the journal. All correspondence should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief, Journal of the Agronomy Faculty, Universidad del Zulia. E-mail:; Address: Guajira Avenue, University campus, Agronomy Faculty. Post office box 15205. Maracaibo, ZU 4001. Venezuela.

Editor of publications: Ana Pirela. E-mail:, translated into English and/or Spanish by: Adriana Curiel. E-mail:, translated into Portuguese (Abstract and/or Resumo by: Ivan Chirinos. E-mail:

The partial reproduction of the content of this review is stimulated annexing photocopy of the cover of the number from where it was extracted.

Address of attachment entity: Rectorate building, Guajira Avenue, 67B Street, Juana Ávila parish, Maracaibo, Zulia state, Venezuela.