Faculty of Agronomy Journal
University of Zulia

Maracaibo, july-september 2012. Vol. 29, No. 3, págs. 339-504


Crop production

Molecular characterization of zapote mamey (Pouteria sapota (Jacq.) Moore & Stearn)
T.J. Rodríguez-Rojas, M. Andrade-Rodríguez, I. Alia-Tejacal, V. López-Martínez, S. Espinosa-Zaragoza, H. Esquinca-Avilés

Carrying capacity of specific land use in four irrigation committees of the subbasin "Alto Motatán", Mérida state, Venezuela
E. Jaimes, Z. Martos, N. Pineda y J. Mendoza

Performance of Hargreaves equation in the estimating of reference evapotranspiration (ETo) in a zone of Andean paramo in Trujillo state, Venezuela
M. Maffei

Technical note:
Yield and fruit quality in four cultivars of tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) crop planted under protected conditions

M.B. Pérez Rivas, M. Albarracín, H. Moratinos y F. Zapata Navas

Animal production

Computer sperm head biometry analysis of boar spermatozoa in fresh and cooling semen samples
B. Morales, A Quintero-Moreno, C. Osorio-Meléndez, J. Rubio-Guillén

Agronomic potential evaluation of Morus alba for its inclusion in browsing-grazing systems in Trujillo, Venezuela. I Morpho structural variables
M.G. Medina, D.E. García, P. Moratinos, J.M. Iglesias y T. Clavero 432

Food technology

Yeasts population dynamics during the spontaneous fermentation of white grape variety Malvasía
M. Berradre, C. Aiello Mazzarri, L. Mesa, N. Arraiz, C. Prieto, J. Ortega, B. Sulbarán, G. Ojeda de Rodríguez, V. Fernández, J. Martínez y B. Esteve-Zarzoso

Moisture adsorption isotherms of amorphous cassava starch at different temperatures determined by a dynamic vapor sorption technique
A.J. Sandoval, J.A. Barreiro and A.J. Müller