Faculty of Agronomy Journal
University of Zulia

Maracaibo, october-december 2010. Vol. 27, No. 4, págs. 491-663


Crop production

Chemical characterization according to grain size of two vermicompost produced from pure and mixed bovine dung with fruit remains of the oil palm industry
J. Hernández, L. Mármol, F. Guerrero, E. Salas, J. Bárcenas, V. Polo y C. Colmenares

Flowering Locus T and Constan in Musa: new genes that participate in the floral transition in plantain Musa AAB cv. Dwarf Horn
Y. Hernández, C. Giménez y M. Gómez Lim

The Duckweed (Lemna sp), in the biological behavior of the red worm (Eisenia andrei)
L. Machado, S. Urdaneta, J. Hernández A., A. Abreu y L. Marmol

Effect of two storage conditions on germination of seagrape (Coccoloba uvifera (L.) Jacq.) seeds
G. Vargas-Simón y R. Pire

Geotropic bending, cellular membrane damage and respiratory rate in flowering stems of Antirrhinum majus L., cv. Potomac White Ivory, with AOA and TIBA
G. Maki Díaz, C.B. Peña-Valdivia, J.A. Gutiérrez Espinosa, M.L. Arévalo Galarza, A. Gaytán Acuña

Animal production

Effect of castration on physical-chemical composition and sensory traits in crossbred commercial cattle meat
O. Morón-Fuenmayor, O. Araujo-Febres, S. Pietrosemoli,
N. Gallardo, B. Sulbarán y J. Peña S. 594

Production and quality of milk from "Criollo Limonero" cows supplemented with Saman (Pithecellobium saman (Jacq.) Benth) fruits meal
M. Pirela, A. Perozo-Bravo, M. Montero-Urdaneta, G. Contreras-Mora, E. Valbuena-Colmenares y S. Zambrano-Nava

Food technology

Influence of comb age on some physical-chemical properties of honeys produced by African bees
E. Miquelena, G. Piccirillo y B. Rodriguez

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