Faculty of Agronomy Journal
University of Zulia

Maracaibo, october-december 2011. Vol. 28, No. 4, págs. 441-620


Crop production

Guadua (Guadua angustifolia Kunth) and bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris Schrad.) plantations in San Javier, Yaracuy state, Venezuela. III. Structure of plantations and nutrient balance
D. Marín, Y. Guedez, L. Márquez de Hernández

Technical note:
Method for the quantification of Tilletia ayresii Berk. inoculum in Panicum maximum Jacq.

J.A. Borges y O. Camacaro

Palm species (Arecaceae) in Maracaibo city, Zulia state, Venezuela
J. Arias, J. Soto y M. Pietrangeli

Animal production

Evaluation of Acaricides for the Control of Riphicephalus (Boophilus) microplus that Affect the Double Purpose Bovine using Generalized Linear Models
A. González, D. Tapias, M. Pérez, M. Carvajalino, D. Velandia, R. Borges

Effect of variety, harvest frequencies and fertilization levels in the true protein yield of mulberry in Trujillo state, Venezuela
D.E. García, M.G. Medina, P. Moratinos, L.J. Cova, D.A. Perdomo y T. Clavero

Food technology

Pectin yield and characterization from "Manzano" banana peels (Musa AAB)
A. Arellanes, M. Jaraba, Z. Mármol, G. Páez, C. Aiello Mazzarri y M. Rincón


Marketing strategies to introduce cassava punch (Manihot esculenta Crantz) in the Maracaibo Municipality, in Zulia state
R. Molero y E. Martínez

The competitiveness of the cocoa production system in the north part of Tachira state
F. Zambrano-Piña y E. Segovia-López

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