Faculty of Agronomy Journal
University of Zulia

Maracaibo, octubre-diciembre 2012. Vol. 29, No. 4, págs. 505-697


Crop production

Effect of fungicides on physiology and health characteristics of rice seeds during storage
M. Morales, H. Moratinos, T. Gonzalez y P. Madriz

Validation of an analytical method to determine organophosphorus pesticides in guava (Psidium guajava L.) fruits by using matrix solid phase dispersion and gas chromatography with nitrogen-phosphorus detection
J. Raga-Carreño, G. Ettiene, R. Bauza y D. Medina

Development of an online method for the determination of the insecticide imidacloprid in natural waters with photochemically induced fluorescence detection
K. Araujo, G. Ettiene, M. Hernández, A. Cáceres y H. Pérez

Animal production

Effect of protein diets based on red worm (Eisenia spp.) meal in the behavior of golden hamster (Mesocricetus auratus L.). II. Morphometry of organs and intestine
D.E. García, L.J. Cova, J.V. Scorza D., M.E. González, P. Pizzani, M. G. Medina, F. Perea y D. González

Agronomic potential evaluation of Morus alba for their inclusion in browsing-grazing systems in Trujillo, Venezuela. Availability and chemical composition of the biomass
M.G. Medina, D.E. García, P. Moratinos, J.M. Iglesias y T. Clavero

Food technology

Antioxidant activity evaluation and its relationship to total polyphenolic content of red, rosé and white wines
V. Fernandez, M. Berradre, B. Sulbaran y J. Ortega

Effect of chitin on variables related with stability in white wine
Z. Mármol, A. Fernández, G. Páez, M. Rincón, K. Araujo y C. Aiello


The management process applied by Mara municipality producers of grapes (Vitis vinifera L.) in Zulia state, Venezuela
M. del P. Silva, Á. Gómez D. y A. García U.

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