Faculty of Agronomy Journal
University of Zulia

Maracaibo, october-december 2017. Vol. 34, No. 4, págs. 397-580, date of publications: on september 30, 2017


Article by Invitation

Capulinia linarosae Kondo and Gullan, 2016: History y current situation as guava pest, Psidium guajava L. in Venezuela

Dorys T. Chirinos, Gustavo Romay, Carlos E. Fernandez, y Rossana Castro

Crop production

Comparison of root and shoot traits of different wheat species and wild wheat relatives: Does feature of shoot biomass have positive and significant relationships with grain yield and root traits?
Hayati Akman, Necdet Akgün and Ahmet Tamkoç

Effect of the tillage system on the structure and fractions of carbon and nitrogen in the soil and its impact on the development of corn
Yusmary Espinoza, Zenaida Lozano y Lesly Malpica

Effect of field application of mixtures of plant extracts on the presence and damage of insect pests of Amaranthus hypochondriacus L.
Betzabeth Pérez-Torres, Agustin Aragón-García, Víctor Cuate-Mozo, Jesús López-Olguín, Miguel Aragón-Sánchez y Gabriel Lugo-García


Energy audit of organic and non-organic olive (Olea europaea L.) production agro-ecosystems in Rudbar región, Irán
Leyla Paydar, Saeed Firouzi and Hashem Aminpanah

Socio-economic characteristics and attitudes of organic and non-organic consumers in Lima, Peru
Angie Higuchi and Ángel Avadi

Water and energy productivity in sprinkler irrigation systems under using groundwater
Hamed Ebrahimian, Zeynab Gholami and Hamideh Noory

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