Faculty of Agronomy Journal
University of Zulia

Maracaibo, december 2014. Vol. 31, Supplement 1, págs. 1-875



Strengthening potato production and ecological transition using organic fertilization
H. Ramírez-Guerrero y C. Meza-Figueroa

Physico-chemical characteristics and proportion of biomass components of star apple fruit
M. Arizaleta, A. Bolívar, M. Pérez, L. Díaz y J. Pares

Storing temperature effect on the post-harvest quality of star apple
M. Arizaleta, A. Bolívar, M. Pérez y J. Parés

Response of maize (Zea mays L.) to inoculation with N-fixing bacteria and P solubilizing soil Turbio River Valley, Lara state
M. González, J.L. Contreras, I. Acevedo, D. Torres y C. Meza

Phosphoric fertilization and P solubilizing bacteria in the cultivation of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
I.C. acevedo, M. Cardenas, J.L. Contreras, D. Torres y M. López

Effect of the application frequency of gibberelic acid and the presence of daughter plants on the growth and production in the strawberry crop
M. Pérez de Camacaro, M. Ojeda, N. Mogollón, A. Giménez y E. Suárez

Effects of chemical pruning on growth of pepper produced in multicell trays
J. Lugo, L. Armas, L. Gruber y Z. Rodríguez

Aspects of floral biology in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) under greenhouse conditions
N. Meza, B. Daboín y H. Coraspe

Agricultural in vitro plant behavior of potato promising clones under greenhouse conditions
N. Meza, H. Coraspe, I. Quintero y J. Rincón

Biomass accumulation of five potato Solanum tuberosum genetic materials in two locations of Trujillo state, Venezuela
I. Quintero, R. Álvarez, J. Zambrano, M. Maffei, A. Valera, W. Materano, N. Meza, A. Angulo y M. Delgado

Effects of fertilization and application timing on oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) production
A. Colina, E. Portillo, J. Martínez, Z. Rodríguez, L. Mármol y M. Moreno

Physical-chemical characterization of two soils under melon crop in the semiarid zone of Tocuyo river
J. Contreras, I. Acevedo, E. Agüero y R. González

Evaluation of two storage systems of seed potato (Solanum tuberosum) variety Granola
N. Meza, S. Gudiño y E. López

Vermicompost enriched in calcium from the ash of sugar cane bagasse and biological behavior of Eisenia fetida
L. Bastardo, R. Sánchez, L. Marcó Parra, Y. Ríos, Y. Segura y G. Torres

Effects of fertilization and application timing on vegetative development in oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.)
A. Colina, E. Portillo, J. Martínez, Z. Rodríguez, L. Mármol y M. Moreno


Ethephon effect and two nitrogen sources in the flowering of dwarf pineapple (Ananas nanus L.)
L. Martínez, C. Álvarez, J. Vilchez, y C. Fernández

Anatomical comparison between leaf blade of Psidium and Calycolpus moritzianus species (Myrtaceae)
G. Rivero-Maldonado, D. Pacheco, A.B. Sánchez-Urdaneta y M. Quirós

Paprika (Capsicum annum L.) seedling production with rum based substrate composted
R. González, G. González, I. Acevedo, M.E. González y J. Contreras

Vitroplants growth and the microtuberization of two potato materials
M. Ojeda, N. Mogollón, M. Pérez de Camacaro, E. Suárez y N. Hernández

Propagation of multipurpose legume golden shower (Cassia fistula L.) through seeds
M. Ramírez, L. Petit, M. Alvarado y J. Soto

Hemiparasistic and host plants of the xerophitic forest in La Palmita swamp, Zulia State, Venezuela
A. Vera, M. Martínez, Y. Parra, R. Maldonado y N. Carvajal

Ornamental shrubs of Maracaibo, Zulia State, Venezuela
J. Soto, J. Diaz, M. Ramírez, M. Pietrangeli, D. Pacheco y G. Sthormes

Evaluation of pregerminative treatments and morphological characterization of “butterfly pea” (Clitoria ternatea L.) seedlings cultivated in trays
M. Ramírez Villalobos y H. Suárez Machado

Bulblet size and naphthalene acetic acid on vegetative growth and yield of the bunching onion (Allium fistulosum L.)
M. Ramírez, Z. Rodríguez, M. Monsalve, S. Bárcenas y C. Castro

Rooting of cuttings in Talisia olivaeformis H.B.K Raldk and Caesalpinia granadillo Pittier
N.H. de Bernal, E. Rojas, E. Torrealba, Y. Him de Freítez, J.G. Díaz y Z. Rodríguez

Leaf anatomy in sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) plants under saline stress
R.E. Valera y G.R. García

Expanded clay aggregates as substrate in rooting of ornamental shrubs
N. Maciel y S. Parra

Effect of paclobutrazol on growth oleander (Nerium oleander L.) plant in nursery
A. Albornoz, M. Fernández, J. Vilchez, C. Fernández y L. Martínez

Micropropagation of Adiantum capillus-veneris L.
J. Vilchez, N. Albany, L. Martínez, M. Molina y C. Fernández

Morphological characterization of cujies (bayahonda) at University of Zulia, Venezuela
A.B. Sánchez-Urdaneta, E.U. Benedetelli, M. Bastardo, C. Mavarez, G. Sthormes y J. Ortega

Effect of salt preconditioning on sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) seeds on emergence and plantlet growth
G. García y R. Valera

Ecological characteristics of a disturbed xerophytic scrubland from the Municipality of Miranda, Zulia state, Venezuela
A. Vera y M. Martínez

Floristic and phytosanitary aspects of the green areas at Santa Lucia parish, central area of Maracaibo, Zulia state
J. Soto, D. Pacheco, M. Ramírez, O. Zambrano y G. Sthormes

Distribution of the distribution multipurpose ornamental plant Caltrop (Tribulus cistoides L.) on the campus of the Universidad del Zulia
J. Soto y M. Ramírez

Vegetative propagation of caltrop (Tribulus cistoides L.), multipurpose ornamental plant
M. Ramírez, J. Soto y B. Caraballo

Preliminary aspects of the floral biology of Anacardium occidentale L. (Cashew) in Maracaibo’s plain
R. Guerrero, C. Hernández, J. Chacín, C. Clamens, D. Pacheco, A. Sánchez-Urdaneta y B. Bracho


Plant parasitic nematodes associated to potentials fruit trees, in three areas of Mara, Zulia state, Venezuela
G. Castellano, Z. Lugo, A.M. Casassa-Padrón, E. Pérez-Pérez y K. Núñez-Castellano

Secondary metabolites in seven biotypes of Plumeria in Lara state, Venezuela
M.E. Sanabria, R. Infante, R. Valera, N. Maciel y A. Mendoza

Ethanol extract of (Ruellia tuberosa L.) roots for the control of Sclerotium rolfsii in pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)
J. Riera, M.E. Sanabria, D. Rodríguez, H. Esclante y R. Valera

Relationships of Brevipalpus phoenicis (Acari: Tenuipalpidae) with biomass, texture, brix degrees, polar and equatorial diameters of guava fruit
I. Dorado, M. Quirós de G., A. Gómez y A. Canelón

Aqueous extract of (Cyperus rotundus L.) in the control of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Penz
Y. Luque, H. Escalante, M.E. Sanabria, D. Rodríguez y R. Valera

Monitoring of damage caused by mite Brevipalpus phoenicis (Geijskes) (Acari: Tenuipalpidae) in growing guavas (Psidium guajava L.): description and field evaluation
N. Poleo, M. Quirós de G., I. Dorado, Y. Petit, L. Sandoval y C. González

Incidence of flat mite, Brevipalpus phoenicis (Geijskes), according to the phenology of guava and environmental conditions of Mara, Zulia, Venezuela
Y. Petit, M. Quirós de G., A. Sánchez-Urdaneta, N. Poleo,
I. Dorado y C. González

Ingeniería Suelos y Aguas

Characterization of the physical and biochemical properties of parchment coffee vermicompost and cattle manure
J.L. Contreras, J. Rojas, I. Acevedo y M. Adams

Anaerobic degradation of biological brewers sludge in thermophilic conditions
M. Rincón y N. Rincón

Bioremediation of saline with the use of organic materials. I. Evolution of CO2
J.A. Hernández Araujo, G. Gascó Guerrero, J. Paolini, V. Polo, J. Bárcenas y L. Mármol

Microbial activity in soils cultivated with plantain (Musa AAB plantain subgroup cv. Harton) with different vigor of plants
A.F. González-Pedraza, J. Atencio1, K. Cubillán, R. Almendrales, L. Ramírez y O. Barrios

Soil spatial variability of the experimental unit “glorieta” with agricultural purposes
A.F. González-Pedraza, J.C. Rey y J.L. Atencio P.

Study of the single superphosphate quality produced from phosphate rock of Navay
D. Rodríguez, L. M. Silva, J. Bustamante y M. Moreno

Estimation of spatially-distributed crop evapotranspiration using satellite images for the “Cenizo” Irrigation System in Venezuela
R. Trezza y L. Sánchez

Maturity indicators in the compost of three mixtures of manure and leaves
M. Villasmil-Delgado y N. Maciel

Forest vegetation formation and associated soils in the middle-low Socuy and Cachirí rivers basins, Mara municipality, Zulia state, Venezuela
M. A. Pietrangeli, N. Noguera y M. Larreal

NH4Cl CEC reference values in relationship to pH and clays %
O. Rodríguez, E. Guerra, V. Rodríguez, M. Henríquez, A. Sánchez, B. Mendoza y Z. Rodríguez

CaCO3 equivalent as a criterion for mixing materials for the amendment of acidity in Ultisols. Study in simulated soil column
J. Bárcenas, G. Gascó-Guerrero, R. López, J. Hernández, M. Larreal y B. Bracho

Short term effect of tillage and mulch on sorghum biometric characteristics, under conditions of the Maracaibo’s plain
A. Higuera, L. Mármol, M. Larreal y J.J. Moreno

Short term effect of tillage and mulch on the chemical and physical properties, of the soil under conditions of the Maracaibo’s plain
L. Mármol, A. Higuera, M. Larreal y J.J. Moreno

Soil biological attributes in two Quibor´soils under different use and management
B. Mendoza, A. Florentino, M. Henríquez y O. Rodríguez

Tecnología de Alimentos

Chitosan effect as edible coating on papaya (Carica papaya L.) fruits minimally processed
A.M. Valera, J. Zambrano, W. Materano, M. Maffei, I. Quintero y C. Torres

Characterization of star Apple fruit (Chrysophyllum caínito L.) green and purple varieties
J. Zambrano, N. Montilla, R. Riveros, M. Maffei, I. Quintero, A. Valera y W. Materano

Potential use of germinated and fermented pigeon pea flour in the manufacture of a pate
M.P. Piñero C., K. Parra Q., Y.M. Barboza, E. Arévalo, S. Méndez

Effect of Lactobacillus on nutritional properties of a food-based on pigeon pea (Cajanus cajan)
K. Parra Q., M.P. Piñero C., Y.M. Barboza, M.L. Pérez

Effect of the year and fermentation time on the development of the chemical characteristics of Porcelain cocoa
A. Portillo, E. Portillo, L. Arenas, B. Rodríguez y I. Chacón

Determination of chemical compounds associated with sensory characteristics of wet processed coffee
G.G. Gyzel Rosalía, J.J. Fernández Molina, P. Aguilar, W. Salazar, N. Durand, P. Bastide e I. Macia

Evaluation of the sensorial quality of tropical dehydrated fruits
A. García-Soto, E. Pérez-Pérez, N. Romero y L. Sandoval

Effect of the application of chitosan as edible coating on the keeping quality of minimally processed pineapple
W. Materano, J. Zambrano, A. Valera, C. Torres, M. Maffei, I. Quintero

Sensory characteristics of Creole cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) from Venezuela in terms of post-harvest treatment
E. Portillo, R. Villasmil, A. Portillo, L.Grazziani, E.Cros, S. Assemat, F. Davrieux y R. Boulanger

Changes in the chemical and physical characteristics of the Opuntia ficus-indica L. fruit during maturation
Y. Terán, T. García, L. Chaparro, D. Petit, E. Garrido, H. Barazarte, R. D’Aubeterre y Y. Mujica

Ultrasonic extraction of totals polyphenols and flavonoids in mesocarp tisuee of papaya fruit (Carica papaya L.)
J. Raga, G. Ettiene, L. Sandoval, E. Pérez-Pérez, J. Casas y S. Méndez

Optimization of an extraction method for phenols and total flavonoids in mango pulp (Mangifera indica L.) ultrasound-assisted
S. Méndez, G. Ettiene, J. Raga y E. Pérez-Pérez

HPLC determination of flavonoids in fruits of soursop (Annona muricata L.) from different plants
L. Sandoval, G. Ettiene, E. Pérez-Pérez, M. Fuenmayor, J. Raga, y N. Silva

Postharvest treatment effect on the content of theobromine and caffeine in Creole cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.)
E. Portillo, A. Portillo, L.Grazziani, E.Cros, S. Assemat, F. Davrieux y R. Boulanger

Aroma precursors in Cacao (Theobroma cacao L.) Chabasquén Portuguesa
M. Alvarado, E. Portillo, R. Boulanger, P. Bastide I. Macia


Characterization of manpower in the banana production units (Musa A AAB cultivar hartón) at Moralito parish, Colon municipality, Zulia state
Y. Useche, R. Molero, L. Ferrer, A. Moros y G. Velasco

Determination of sustainable critical variables in pig agroecosystems
Z. Bechara-Dikdan, J. Martínez-Sthormes, J. Romero-Palomares y L. Bustillo-García

Characterization of Crop Production System in Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) Humocaro bajo, Lara state, Venezuela
C. Marcano, I. Acevedo J. Contreras, O. Jiménez, A. Escalona y P. Pérez

Socioeconomic Characterization of Cocoa Producers (Theobroma cacao L.) in Portuguesa State-Venezuela
M. L. Alvarado, E. Portillo, R. Boulanger, P. Bastide e I. Maci